DeKalb Thrives

DeKalb Thrives

The Decide DeKalb Development Authority was tasked with managing the implementation of the 2014 DeKalb County Economic Development Strategic Plan prepared by Angelou Economics. Seven task force groups were established to identify specific recommendations, timeframes, primary owners and costs. These groups included: 

  • Community Enhancements (CE)
  • Existing Business and Entrepreneurship (EE)
  • Incentives and Policy Reform (IP)
  • Marketing and Branding (MB)
  • Real Estate and Product Development (RE)
  • Tourism and Culture (TC) 
  • Transportation and Infrastructure (TI)

Decide DeKalb (DA) was also responsible for developing recommendations primarily focused on the organization’s structure and scope of work. Approximately 100 partners and stakeholders participated in the entire process from May to December 2015. Decide DeKalb reviewed and enhanced the draft recommendations from January to June 2016. The final plan is named DeKalb Thrives to reflect the growth and prosperity DeKalb County residents, stakeholders and visitors will experience as a result of successful implementation. 

DOWNLOAD: DeKalb Thrives progress update – June 26, 2017

DOWNLOAD our “DeKalb Thrives” final strategic plan recommendations.

DOWNLOAD the DeKalb County Government Economic Development Strategic Plan prepared by Angelou Economics in 2014.