Advance DeKalb

Investing in DeKalb

Advance DeKalb, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a branch of Decide DeKalb committed to building economic opportunities within DeKalb County. Advance DeKalb was launched in 2019 to address specific challenges in economic business development; build and retain a skilled workforce; and invest in the DeKalb community.

Advance DeKalb Aims to

Revitalize Community Development

Transform Workforce Advancement

Boost Business Engagement

The Future of DeKalb County

An investment in Advance DeKalb is an investment to the continued growth of DeKalb County’s business community and economic future. Advance DeKalb is the link needed to bring your business to DeKalb County. We believe that what we put into our community will come back tenfold, and it’s true that what you put into Advance DeKalb will reap you tremendous benefits. Our investors understand the strategies we’ve implemented for the betterment of our community and trust that Advance DeKalb will be prosperous. Through our comprehensive training programs and business solutions, Advance DeKalb is more than ready to revitalize DeKalb. We’ve proven to be pillars of community development, eager to create intriguing possibilities for the residents of DeKalb County. 



Manager, Redevelopment & Strategic Initiatives