It’s a Great Day in
DeKalb County

And what a privilege Decide DeKalb Development Authority has to work on economic development each and every day. As we settle into the 2023, it is important that we acknowledge some highlights.  While our full annual report is coming soon, we hope you share our sentiments of creating a brighter 2023! Together we hope to Ignite and Unite to make a difference in DeKalb!

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Of Our Population Are People of Color


Schools and Educational Centers


Median Household Income


Number of Employers

Locate & Expand

Our economic development team eagerly welcomes you to join the DeKalb County business community. We can help with site selection, business expansion, business retention, and more. 

Local Business Resources

Decide DeKalb works closely with local and state governments, chambers of commerce, business associations, utility companies, colleges & universities, and private-sector employers, as well as neighborhood and community groups.

Talent & Workforce Development

We help businesses find quality workforce and talent so that they can innovate and grow. Decide DeKalb, in partnership with WorkSource DeKalb, helps businesses in DeKalb County access a full suite of hiring and training services to meet their workforce needs.

Down Payment Assistance Program

Receive a down payment grant to purchase, renovate, or refinance a home in DeKalb County. Whether you’re a homebuyer, loan originator, or realtor, we have the information you need.

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Advance DeKalb

Advance DeKalb is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to furthering the economic strength of DeKalb County, envisioning a future for job creation, retention and redevelopment through an invigorating combination of investment, training, and educational initiatives. 

The DeKalb Entertainment Commission works in the service of connection, collaboration, and creation in order to channel national resources in the entertainment industry to DeKalb County. The commission actively works to foster growth within DeKalb’s flourishing film, television, music, and digital entertainment industries.

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Decide DeKalb is a leading authority in economic development known for attracting and retaining regional, national, and international companies to DeKalb County. We are committed to helping businesses maximize their potential and feel passionate about the future of local opportunity in DeKalb County. Let us know how our diverse array of economic development programs and services can help your business grow and thrive.

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