DeKalb Entertainment Commission

Lights. Camera. Action!

The DeKalb Entertainment Commission is an integral partner in solidifying business relationships within Georgia’s rapidly expanding entertainment industry. We provide a collaborative and supportive infrastructure to fortify inter-industry connections and inspire creative endeavors in the realms of film, television, music, and digital entertainment.

Choosing DeKalb for Entertainment

Over the last few years, DeKalb County has become prime real estate for the entertainment industry. With three major sound stages, many production sites, as well as music venues, DeKalb is on track to become a top contender in the entertainment business. The DeKalb Entertainment Commission’s goal is to attract lucrative production companies and creatives to DeKalb’s 13 municipalities and unincorporated areas. 

Location Scouting

The DeKalb Entertainment Commission will take into consideration the specific needs of your production and find optimal filming locations in service of creative worldbuilding.

Webinars, Master Classes, and Panels

The DeKalb Entertainment Commission advances and strengthens the creative industry through regular classes and workshops held both virtually and within local communities.


The DeKalb Entertainment Commission is proud to serve as your premier contact for all questions, concerns and endeavors related to the local entertainment industry. Peruse our extensive list of partners or contact our staff to find out more information about the many programs DEC has to offer.


Shelbia Jackson

Director, DeKalb Entertainment Commission