Our Partners

Partner with DeKalb

Here at Decide DeKalb, we know better than anyone that you can accomplish more when you work together with a team. DeKalb County stands out because of its dedication to building strong local infrastructure through the cultivation of deeply embedded ties and alliances.

Our government, economic, educational, developmental and community partnerships help unite the interests of our county. 

We’re incredibly proud of our many partnerships that work hard every day to help better unite DeKalb County.

Today, Decide DeKalb works alongside the following organizations in pursuit of the invigoration of our diverse landscape of local businesses:

Government Partnerships

We work directly with key government partners and entities to help coordinate business initiatives that act in compliance with local, state and federal mandates. These partnerships have proven to be invaluable resources when it comes to promoting economic development throughout the county. Some of these government partnerships include:

Economic Development Partnerships

On behalf of the businesses in DeKalb County, we’re proud to prioritize fostering sustainable, long-term economic development for our local allies. Economic development partnerships assist in the arenas of business attraction, retention, revitalization and growth in the area across DeKalb and it’s thirteen cities. These partnerships include:

Workforce Development and Educational Partnership

Our workforce development programs enrich local talent pools to prepare our aspiring business owners and employees with competence, confidence and skill sets that appeal to world-class industry leaders. We work with WorkSource DeKalb to help better address the needs of DeKalb County’s talented workforce so that they may better serve and participate within our target industries.

Chambers & Visitor Bureau Partnerships

Through our collaborations with chambers and visitors bureaus, we ensure that DeKalb County’s community resources continue to circulate and reach the individuals who need them the most. We’re proud to work together in order to generate exciting opportunities for those looking to put new roots down in our vibrant cultural and economic landscapes.  

Educational Partnerships

Here at Decide DeKalb, we recognize that strong business builds its foundation through comprehensive educational opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our educational partnership with Emory University helps ensure that the resources poured into our graduates continue to mature and develop within our county lines. We’ve done great work in the way of curbing DeKalb’s talent exodus and leading our students toward local career-building opportunities. 

Professional Associations

Professional associations play a vital role in invigorating and elevating diverse voices throughout all of our local industries. Over the course of the past four years, we’ve been a legacy partner with Leadership DeKalb in helping them provide quality content and support for their economic development programs. 

Leadership DeKalb is a 501(c)3 community leadership organization that convenes current and emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds. The organization educates them concerning vital issues related to sculpting a thriving and forward-looking DeKalb County. It encourages them to lead in ways that improve quality of life for all who live and work in DeKalb. For 30 years, Leadership DeKalb has served DeKalb County by graduating more than 1,500 participants from its signature 10-month leadership program.

Community Improvement Districts (CIDs)

Community improvement districts, also known as CIDs, better the working and living conditions of DeKalb’s active revitalization zones for adjacent businesses and communities. By endowing them with the attention and resources they need to thrive, they’ll soon attract business from all over the country by cultivating climates of opportunity, safety, and visionary potential. Some of the amazing CIDs we work with include: