Workforce Services

Meet Your Workforce Goals at DeKalb

Decide DeKalb, in partnership with WorkSource DeKalb, helps DeKalb businesses access a full suite of hiring, educational, and training services to meet their workforce goals. Our services are designed to prepare both businesses and candidates for the best relationship possible.

Hiring Services

Customized Recruitments

We pair employees and employers to create mutually beneficial professional relationships and collaborations.

Co-Sponsored Job Fairs & Hiring Events

We help galvanize community interest in fostering local growth and development.

Pre-Employment Applicant Screening

This helps save businesses time, money, and company resources during important transition periods so that the perfect candidates stand out from the crowd.

Free Online Job Postings

Gives equitable access and opportunity to all interested DeKalb residents and organizations.

On-Site Interview Space

This allows for interviews to be conducted in a convenient and centralized location, providing those working on setting up their facilities the opportunity to meet talent in person.

Labor Market Insights

We provide up-to-date information regarding the latest industry trends and forecasts.

Training Services

Paid Internships

We offer professional development opportunities that invest in future career building.

Incumbent Worker Training

We provide direct grant funding assistance that businesses can use to upskill their current employees, diminish turnover and compensate for the cost of training new employees.

Customized Training

for unique business ventures leads to the development of industry professionals at a fraction of the cost


help pass and retain valuable knowledge through intergenerational avenues and peer-to-peer collaboration while accelerating growth.

Augment Your Workforce

When it comes to augmenting a workforce that’s already rich in talent, our job is as simple as the dots between employers and employees. We know each businesses’ needs are different and work ardently to close niche talent gaps across the county. Decide DeKalb has a dedicated workforce liaison to help businesses find the right path to the right talent—and vice versa as well! Contact us to learn more about how we can help serve your industry’s needs.


Joshua Williams

Business Relations Specialist