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Georgia Economic Development Organizations Announce Annual Award

Decatur, GA – The Decide DeKalb Development Authority (DDDA) is excited to announce one of this year’s ‘Small Business Rock Stars’ as recognized by the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) and Georgia Economic Development Association (GEDA) is in the City of Tucker.

Ecolink, a provider of lean(er) chemical solutions for industries such as Aerospace, Electronics, and the Military
was selected for their positive impact on small business and the uniqueness of their approach to a client’s need.
“We were highly motivated to apply and receive this award with the hope of sharing our risks, innovations and
outreach efforts that consistently generate revenue growth and profitability. At Ecolink we recognize every
organization is only as strong as its weakest connection so leveraging the network effect is paramount for our
survival and sustainability. We versus me always wins,” said Chief Value Officer Brandon Pelissero.
Not being ones to simply work hard and produce industry changing products Ecolink also gives back to their local
community. Philanthropic endeavors began in 2012 when they recognized that a caring company and engaged
employees created a recipe for community enrichment.

Ecolink recently collaborated with the American Marketing Association Atlanta Chapter and Georgia Department
of Education to invest in HS marketing programs. Their investment provided much needed funding for students
and teachers to attend an annual conference in Anaheim, CA.

“You get what you give. Time, money, creativity, community it all starts with us and always returns in higher
dividends. Our investments in high school and college marketing students and their teachers helped us launch a
million dollar per year product line proving you can do well by doing good,” says Pelissero.

“Recognition on this level for a DeKalb based company has occurred only once in the five-year history of this
prestigious award. The title of ‘Rock Star’ denotes a performer at the top of their game and Ecolink has certainly
earned this accolade,” said Decide DeKalb’s President, Ray Gille.

About Ecolink
Designing business cleaning processes to maximize the number of clean parts or equipment and to minimize chemicals. Encompassing all phases of chemical lifecycle – procurement through use to disposal. For more information, visit

About Decide DeKalb
Decide DeKalb serves as the primary economic development driving force to attract, expand and retain
businesses in DeKalb County, Georgia. Established in 1974 as the Development Authority of DeKalb County,
Decide DeKalb works with partners, stakeholders and the business community to spur capital investments, encourage job growth and business sustainability. For more information, visit