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Decide DeKalb Development Authority Focused On Learning Tech Companies, Create Better Business In County

Decatur, Georgia – As the primary economic development entity in DeKalb County, Decide DeKalb Development Authority recognizes the increasing importance of advanced technology and skills in business operations and workforce. Decide DeKalb envisions DeKalb County to be metro Atlanta’s crossroads of cutting-edge advancements in technology and the next generation of tech talent and leadership. The Innovating Tomorrow Tech survey kicks-off March 3, 2021 and seeks to collect and analyze input from tech talent and innovators. Decide DeKalb will create a Tech Advisory Council from the pool of respondents. This team will guide the work needed to make DeKalb County the best place for tech companies and teams to live, work, and innovate.

WHO: Technology professionals working in DeKalb County

WHAT: Innovating Tomorrow: Decide DeKalb Development Authority Tech Survey

WHEN: March 3, 2021 – April 1, 2021


Contact: Terra O. Washington
404.277.5958 | [email protected]