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Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Month in DeKalb County

In the spirit of embracing diversity and celebrating the rich cultures within our community, Decide DeKalb Development Authority honors Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Throughout this month-long observance, we’re recognizing the contributions of AAPI individuals and businesses in DeKalb County. Join us as we shine a spotlight on remarkable local establishments and influential figures that embody the vibrant AAPI community here.

Highlighting DeKalb-Based AAPI Businesses:

In DeKalb County, Maomi Bookstore stands out as a cultural haven as both a bookstore and a window into Asian culture. With a diverse collection of books in Mandarin, including cookbooks, children’s books, and stationery, Maomi opens the door to learning more about the rituals and life experiences of people from China, Japan, Taiwan and more. Free tea tastings and calligraphy lessons further promote appreciation for the arts and foster connections within the community from its shop in Chamblee.

Georgia Asian Times plays a vital role in talking about the news affecting AAPI people in metro Atlanta through its online news site and podcasts about the Asian community. The podcasts, including Usapang Pinoy, SungKhom Lao, Tam Su Voi and Georgia Korean Podcast, contribute to understanding the Asian cultural landscape here, as well as serve as a platform for meaningful conversations and diverse perspectives.  

Vietvana Pho Noodle House, owned by Dinh Tran and Khanh Dang, successfully founded their restaurant in DeKalb County. Starting with their first location in Avondale Estates, they were uncertain how the community would respond. Four years later, Vietvana (the name is derived from the words Vietnam and Nirvana), is thriving and growing. Their mission is to bring the vibrant culture and distinct flavors of Vietnam to food explorers in Atlanta. Dinh and Khanh soon will open their fifth restaurant in the Atlanta area, thanks, in part, to finding success with the first location in DeKalb.  

Dr. Taz Bhatia, MD, founded CentreSpring MD to provide a holistic approach to health. CentreSpring, now with two locations, started in Brookhaven, and embraces an approach that evaluates patients as whole persons, focusing on their overall well-being. In fact, Dr. Tax wants to empower 1 million women and children to find their “super powers, restore their health and wellbeing, and embrace their purpose and gifts to change our world.” Dr. Taz and her team advocate for their patients’ health, offering a fresh and comprehensive perspective on healthcare here in DeKalb.  

At Decide DeKalb, we firmly believe that recognizing and supporting the diverse communities within DeKalb County is essential for our economic and cultural growth. Just as we celebrated Black History Month with our Look at Us campaign, AAPI Month provides a special opportunity to acknowledge the resiliency, entrepreneurship, and influence of the AAPI community. By embracing the multicultural fabric of DeKalb County, we foster an inclusive and thriving environment for all.

If you’re inspired by these DeKalb leaders and entrepreneurs to open a business in DeKalb County, take the first step today! Reach out to Katrina Young, the Business Retention and Expansion Manager of Decide DeKalb, to begin your venture.