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Better Earth

“From field to fork to field” is the motto of Better Earth, the DeKalb County-based sustainable packaging for the food service industry. 

Using grasses and sugarcane byproducts grown in the South with a factory just miles away from the fields in Tennessee, Better Earth products compost in 90 days and truly take sustainability to the next level. 

Savannah Seydel, the vice president of sustainability for the company, said this packaging is the future for a world that is quickly turning away from plastics yet needs a solution for carry out and portable foods.

Made with Southern switchgrass, sorghum, miscanthus and sugar cane byproducts that otherwise would be incinerated, Better Earth is on a mission to make sustainable packaging more affordable and accessible. In so doing, their work is supporting 60 farmers.  

It’s one of the many mission-driven nonprofits and companies that call the DeKalb County City of Clarkston home. The Better Earth headquarters is located near Fresh Harvest, the organic produce delivery company, and Seydel says it’s inspiring to be so close to another company with similar mission and values.  

Seydel says she loves working in DeKalb County. “DeKalb is just fantastic,” she said. “I like how we’re surrounded by so many like-minded organizations and businesses that share our mission and values. And it’s such a livable place to do work. We’re surrounded by bike paths and gorgeous cherry trees, and so many amazing restaurants and cafes that our team can go to and experience. So for us, it’s just the perfect mix of all the worlds. We have Refugee Coffee, half a mile down the block, bike paths connecting everything. And then it’s still such a central location for all of our distribution partners as well.”

With 40 people today, Better Earth doubled its revenue last year and is looking to keep on growing. In honor of Earth Month, we share our pride in having companies like Better Earth choose DeKalb County for their headquarters.

If you’d like to be part of this sustainable ecosystem of companies in DeKalb County, please contact us here