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Join thousands of companies profiting from DeKalb County’s premier hallmarks: a business friendly environment, a highly educated workforce, a sophisticated global infrastructure and a vast entertainment magnet.

Roughly 1200 properties are primed and ready for business expansions and relocations here.

To get started from the ground up, Decide DeKalb helps identify suitable buildings and parcels countywide for prospects via:

Available Properties

StateBook is the first online marketplace for site selection and economic growth and development.

Explore DeKalb County’s geographic information high above the earth’s surface, using Esri, an international GIS software supplier, and GIS maps. The U.S. Census also offers geographical data.

Available Space


Electric Cities of Georgia provides available site listings, in cooperation with the Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development Sites program.

Georgia EMC

Georgia EMC’s extensive databases include details about buildings, industrial/commercial sites, parks and greenfield sites.

Georgia Power

Southern Company’s largest subsidiary is Georgia Power. Search its databases of available sites by site, county, community, industrial buildings, office buildings, GRAD properties and more.


Georgia Allies established the Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development Sites program, preparing available, shovel-ready sites for rapid industrial development with advance due diligence.

To qualify for GRAD status, local community or economic development organizations submit available sites to Allies. A third party reviews the submission, assessing minimum acreage (50), ownership security, zoning designation, road and rail accessibility, utilities service, and wetlands and stream delineation.

Previously conducted surveys for these sites include topographical, geotechnical and environmental (Phase I) data, plus investigations for cultural resources and endangered species.

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